Saturday, December 13, 2003, Small Potatoes

What a pleasure it is to host this great duo for the second time. Rich and Jacquie are such an incredible duo that I’d drive a hundred miles or more to see them perform again. We had another terrific night, a full house, and everyone had a chance to taste my “back home” recipe for salt potatoes. They had some great new songs to share, especially a hilarious ditty about the Knott family, which I’m looking forward to hearing on their next recording–it’s a hoot!

Saturday, November 22, 2003, Nancy Cook

One of the best things about hosting house concerts is that you get to make new friends. Nancy is such great company, we only wished that we all could have hung out a little longer. Having lived in Colorado, we were able to share with Beth some of the familiar turf, like the Little Bear in Evergreen, a great music venue and biker bar. We also heard some great stories about the synchronicity of life and travels, and through those stories learned about an individual who is doing great things in distant places by simply following what she believes in.

Sunday, November 9, 2003 Simon Mayor and Hilary James

This was the hardest show to bring to the cabin, simply because of the logistics involved with arranging a tour of the USA when the performers are coming from abroad. I anticipated that we would hear some great music, but I didn’t realize just how funny they can be! Simon’s wit is dry and brilliant. Hilary matches Simon with perfect timing. Together they put on a show that literally has your attention from the first note. I’ll remember this one for a long time.

Thursday, October 3, 2003, Bill Staines

Talk about your living legends! Bill Staines has been writing and performing folk music for more than 30 years, and he’s seen it all, starting with his early introduction as the MC at Club 39 in Cambridge, MA–the venue where many of the legends of the 60’s folk revival scene would play, and other classic haunts like Cafe Lena. I’ve been a fan of Bill’s music for a long time, having learned a few of his songs after I had been playing guitar for just a few years. I peppered him with questions about the folk scene of his younger years, and Bill was amicable to sit up late in the evening filling my ear. What a treat! And the show was simply phenomenal. I was able to hear all of my favorite songs before the night was finished.

Thursday, September 25, 2003, Greg Greenway

When I lived in Boston more than 10 years ago, Greg Greenway was one of the voices that defined the Boston new folk scene. Since that time, Greg has developed a dynamic and powerful voice that hits every emotion. His performance was just incredible. Greg is fine company as well. We traded a bit of education–Greg gave me some vocal coaching and I gave him a crash course on Photoshop and tone reproduction. A fair trade, I think.