Saturday, February 1, 2003 Rachel Cross

I don’t know how to describe Rachel. She is the sort of performer that you don’t want to take your eyes off of, even for a moment, because you might miss that sidewards glance, or a flip of the shoulder that gives a lyric new layers of meaning. Wonderful guitarwork, a voice like silk tapestry, each song is delivered from the heart and carried with a smile. The rhythms form a groove that make you want to dance. And that smile makes you hope the evening doesn’t end too soon. Rachel Cross is an enchanging performer!

The best thing about hosting house concerts is that we get to spend a little time with the performers we host, before and after the show. Sometimes it’s brief, a late dinner, coffee in the morning and back on the road–but even in a short time, we form some fine friendships. And Jonna does, too. She really “took” to Rachel, and sat through most of her show–even listening to the songs in french and hebrew–quite a feat for a young girl. But I think it’s a barometer of sorts, Rachel has a quality in her stage presence that is very appealing to young people, and though this performance was not for kids, one kid thought it was pretty cool.

And Rachel, we found the card and promises…they were wonderful!

Update: Though we haven’t been able to get Rachel to come back to Indiana, she’s doing fine in Tacoma Park, MD where she and Henry keep their home and are actively involved in local music, education, and culture. –Tim

Saturday, January 18, 2003 Andrew Kerr

I’ll admit it, I have a difficult time thinking that I might garner some good investment advice from a folk singer–especially one who entertained the idea of becomming a rap star. Then again, anyone who can banter on the subject of portfolio diversification while changing his broken e string is not easily dismissed! Andrew shared some great stories, especially his efforts at joining the cast of the television series “Survivor”. We all sat back in our chairs and laughed along with his foibles and tales that he picked up along the way from the east coast to the west, and then to his current home in Chicago. Andrew delights in a wry twist of NY sarcasm where folk stardom equates to rock stardom–and for an evening, we did our part as the current cast of screaming groupies.

We love you Special K!!!

Though it hasn’t been updated recently, you can learn more from Andrew’s website at