Friday, July 19th, 2002 Alan Rhody

Alan Rhody is a consummate Nashville songwriter–I mean, he’s recorded songs that are recorded by famous people and even made into hits. He’s had multiple famous people record the same song–how cool is that? I must admit that I had all sorts of odd impressions about how a big time Nashville songwriter might be a little too sophisticated to want to hang out in our little cabin on the edge of Evansville.

Well, I was more than pleasantly surprised to discover a warm and kind man who enjoyed shooting the breeze for hours over coffee about recording and publishing music. And, like Rod Macdonald, he’s been in the business for decades, and has some wonderful stories about being in the business–which requires a double dose of humor and irony. Alan not only brought CDs for sale, but he also brought along hand-painted shirts that he creates.

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