Saturday, December 4, 2004 Johnsmith

John Smith–it’s a common name for an uncommon man. As one of 10 children growing up in a small midwest town (Dewitt, Iowa), he developed a strong sense of self-awareness, balanced with an equally strong sense of community-awareness. Needless to say, his music is personal and honest, which comes across in his heartwarming performances. John has been touring for more than 20 years, Has played the largest folk stages on the circuit, and his 4 releases of original music have received unanimous accolades from the major folk music publications.

Getting to know John was a real pleasure. His performance is very personal and filled with great stories about his family and experiences. After several trips to Ireland, he has some great tales about that experience as well. It seems that the best performers are great storytellers, and the stories all come from different places. It’s what they share that make the show, through their songs and stories.