Saturday, July 16th, 2005 Edie Carey

Teddy Goldstein first told us about Edie Carey, whom he performed with as part of a tour called “Live from New York” that also included Andrew Kerr and Anne Heaton. It was a great recommendation, because once I heard Edie’s CD I knew she’s be a great cap to our season of shows before taking a summer break.

Edie’s from Boston, fertile ground for any folkie, but it wasn’t until she moved to NYC to attend Barnard College that she discovered the world of acoustic music, listening to the likes of Ani DiFranco and others on stage at the Postcrypt coffeehouse. You can hear the energy of that influence in Edie’s music, but her songs are all her own, intelligent and direct, with a groove that makes you want to move. Here’s more about Edie Carey…

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  1. My kids and I are enjoying the new album. Our 6 year old was asknig if there were stories behind some of the songs I suspect he isn’t the only one who would love to hear/read about some of the songs. (He is also threatening to start lobbying Club Passim for an afternoon kids show because he never gets to stay up late to see you all live!)

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