Saturday, November 30th, 2002 Mad Agnes

There is something about a music trio that really fills a cabin… we had a house-full for this show, in attendance and in the day that followed. There was always someone to talk to and something to talk about while they were here. It seems that everyone had some common ground with everyone else in one way or another. I got a brief lesson from Mark on alternate tunings, including a demonstration of some really cool Michael Hedges stuff. Oh, and we got the scoop on their name. Margo and Adrienne were two-thirds of an all-girl tio called “Mad Woman in the Attic” and when they reformed with Mark as the third member, they wanted to keep a relationship with the old name and so they decided to name the woman in the attic Agnes. Anyway, that’s how I heard it.

The running joke during the next day’s departure was whether or not Tim was still going to have just as many instruments when they left. I assured them that I had no concerns, since they were also packed with so many guitars and such, that they would have to leave something behind if they were to try to add to the pile. I especially liked that custom guitar made of cherry that Adrienne was toting. It sounded sweet as it looked!

Their website has temporarily gone south, but you can listen to some of their tunes and learn more about Mad Agnes at