Saturday, September 8, 2012 Paul Sprawl

In 2002 we went down to Nashville to attend (and volunteer at) The International Folk Alliance annual conference. This is the event where songwriters, publishers, booking agents, and venue operators to to network and discover each other.

One of the cool things about Folk Alliance is that songwriters will seize every opportunity to share their art, in lobbies, in hotel suites turned into small performance venues, in elevator foyers. That’s where we met Paul Sprawl.

We stepped out of an elevator and into a mesmerized crowd circling this lone, lanky, barefooted guitarist who was simultaneously channeling Robert Johnson and Michael Hedges. We were stunned, and also behind schedule. I slipped Paul a business card, which he smiled and took, without interrupting his playing. That was the beginning of a great friendship.

Paul Sprawl is one of those artists who defies explanation. How he does it is beyond words. You have to experience it. When Paul plays, he becomes the instrument and the music flows through him. I have seen Paul pick up a broken, out-of-tune instrument in the middle of a performance. Anyone else would make noise, Paul made music. Then there is his deep voice, resonating with the soul of a bluesman. Paul is in a class of his own.

Each of Paul’s shows here at the cabin (this will be his third) were among the most memorable of the more than 85 shows we’ve hosted. I’m sure that others who have attended one of his shows will tell you, this is not one to miss!

The performance starts at 8PM and you are welcome to arrive as early as 7PM. We’ll put out some refreshments and you are welcome to bring something for yourself or to share. Tickets are $12 and seats are limited to 25, so please reserve your seats by clicking the Reserve Seats tab on our website. Paul will have CDs available for sale during the show. You learn more about Paul Sprawl and hear a bit of his music on ReverbNation.