What's a House Concert?

What is a house concert?

A house concert is exactly what the name implies: it’s a concert in somebody’s house, or in our case, in the cabin. House concerts are not-for-profit ventures that are put on by music lovers for music lovers. Our house concerts are a great opportunity to hear acoustic music in an intimate, informal setting, performed by artists who are touring nationally.

What happens at your house concerts?

People are welcome to arrive up to an hour before the start time of the performance. If the weather is nice and you want to hang around outside, you are welcome to enjoy the meadow. Usually we mingle and socialize in the kitchen for a little while before the show starts. We put out some wine and lemonade, and many attendees like to bring a snack or treat to share in the spirit of a “pot luck”.

When it’s time for the show, everyone moves into the living room, where we have re-arranged the furniture and filled just about every free space with chairs. Find a chair that you like, sit back and prepare to be entertained! Performances generally run about two hours with a break in the middle, and there’s a chance to mingle with the artist and your fellow attendees, and buy CDs. It’s a laid-back, fun time. Please feel free to bring your own refreshments. Please don’t be late! It can be difficult to find seats without interrupting the show once the show has started.

Do you sell tickets in advance?

We do not sell tickets in the strict sense of the word. We collect money that is then given to the performer to compensate them for the evening’s entertainment. This is strictly a private function. However, for the sake of convenience and because seating is extremely limited, we’ve set up a PayPal account that you can use to cover your artist’s donation ahead of time.

Can I just show up?

Nope. Sorry. Advance reservations are required, as space is extremely limited. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-reserved basis. Also, keep in mind that the artist will have CDs for sale that you might be interested in purchasing.

Where does the donation money go?

100% of the money we collect goes to the artist. We’re just pleased to bring a great performer and a great audience together.

Where do I get directions?

We can provide you with directions and a map once your reservation is confirmed.

Are there any house rules?

Nothing too militant–Smoking is not allowed indoors, and no cigarette butts on the ground outside. Please be attentive and respectful during the performance. Our neighborhood possum is trained to devour anyone whose cell phone or pager goes off while the artist is “on stage”.

What if I made a reservation, but can’t make it to the show?

If for any reason you cannot attend, please let us know. There’s nothing more frustrating than expecting 25 people and then having only 12 show up–well, okay, plenty of things are more frustrating, but you know what I mean. Most likely, we have more interest than we do spots on our reservation list, so if we know in advance that you’re not coming, we can give someone else a chance to attend.

If we otherwise have a full house, you paid for a seat for the show and cancelled at the last moment, we will do our best to fill that seat. If we do, we’ll offer a coupon code that you can use for a future Concert at the Cabin.

If I play an instrument, should I bring it along?

Not for this event… but we’d love to get together and play another time. We have music gatherings at the cabin as often as we can, and they’re open to musicians and music fans alike.

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