Information for Performing Songwriters

Are you interested in performing at the cabin?

Concerts at the Cabin started in 2002 as a venue for nationally touring performing songwriters. We’re ideally located to fill openings in a tour schedule, as we’re about a 2-3 hour drive from Cincinnatti, Nashville, St. Louis, Louisville, Lexington and Indianapolis, and 5-6 hours from Memphis and Chicago. Most shows are hosted on Saturday evenings, but we occasionally make exceptions for the right artist. We host several shows per year, and we receive far more inquiries than we could ever accommodate.

Our main interest is in providing a venue and audience for people who write, record, and perform their own material. Well-crafted lyrics and musicianship, as well as a proven ability to engage an attentive audience is what we require. Determining that is sometimes tricky, so we tend to go by a number of factors, such as tour schedules, number of recordings released, quality and execution of promotional materials, award recognition, and venues played. Of course, we have to like what we hear, and it has to fit the calendar.

We try to strike a balance between bringing back favorite acts for return engagements and providing a venue for artists who are new to the audience. We also try to strike a geographic balance. Being so close to Nashville, we could easily fill the calendar with talented Nashville songwriters, but then we’d miss out on the talented people from Detroit, Philly, D.C., Santa Cruz, Seattle, and so on. Finally, we’ll occasionally feature an instrumentalist, but it’s only once every couple of years.

By now, you’re wondering when I’m going to get to the important stuff–like how does anyone make money? Artists get 100% of the door, and the “per seat” price is agreed upon in advance between you and us. We have a maximum seating capacity of 25 people, and most shows sell out within days of being announced. The audience is skewed toward older folks with discretionary funds and a penchant for purchasing music rather than streaming it. CD sales can be very good, especially for artists with a diverse catalog, and we have plenty of space to set up wares during the show. We have been told that our audience exceeds the typical per-person sales for this type of event.

We provide accommodations whenever we can, and to that end, we built a guest cottage that sits about a dozen steps from the cabin door. The cottage has a sofa that converts to a full-size bed, and a loft with a full-size bed. Both the cabin and the cottage provide a comfortable atmosphere, and we don’t mind if performers hang out for a while. Some folks have spent a couple of days here while performing in the area, and that’s fine with us, as long as we set it up in advance.

If all of this sounds great to you, please feel free to get in touch. The best way is by email, at . I’m happy to check out your website or EPK, and I do check out everyone’s material. I’d rather not put you through the expense and hassle of sending a promo kit if your music isn’t right for the venue. If you’d like to send a promo kit because it better represents your work or gives me more to listen to and consider, please request that I send you our address. I prefer to discuss bookings via email rather than phone, as I need to fit it into an otherwise very busy schedule.

Thanks for your interest, and for your great music!


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