Saturday, September 25, 2010: Five Times August at the Cabin

It’s been more than two years since we hosted a concert at the cabin, and what better way to start out again than by bringing you a very special act. Brad Skistimas performs under the name of his music project Five Times August. If you watch television, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard one of his tracks on MTV, Fox, the CW channel, HBO, Oxygen, or ABC. Every one of Brad’s tracks on his debut album received play on national television. In a world where performing songwriters struggle to be heard, Brad has already reached a level of success that others strive for.

Five Times August has played both Evansville University and USI in the past, so he has already established a local following. We expect this show to sell out fast, and we’ll probably see some new members of the audience who are getting the “cabin concert” experience for the first time. We think that’s great, because we love to expand the music opportunities for all of the artists who stop by the cabin.

The show will start at 8PM, and you are welcome to arrive as early as 7PM. We’ll put out a few snacks and beverages, and you are welcome to bring something to contribute as well.

Please make your reservations online, and you can advance pay for those seats as well. We’ve raised the ticket price just a little to cover the higher transportation and fuel costs that are artists deal with, and to cover the convenience of online ticketing. We hope this works out better for everyone.

To reserve your seats, please register on our Event Registration page. You will also have the option of paying for your seats in advance with PayPal.

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